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Taking time to stop and stare…

November 29, 2014

The deck chairs are stowed, the gardens cleared, the crowds gone and the sounds of excited children stilled; returned to their studies.

The Vyne becomes a different place as the year slowly draws to a close. There’s a quiet serenity about the place as I walk it’s leafy paths and take in the early morning and stare across the lake. Autumns colours are glorious, leaves caught in rays of gold as the suns shallow angle plays it’s magic.

Connecting the past with the future. The Vyne's Tudor face glows in the autumn sun.

Connecting the past with the future. The Vyne’s Tudor face glows in the autumn sun.

In the fields the mist swirls and secretive deer move just as quietly from the woods shadowy safety knowing they largely have the place to them selves of a peaceful November morning.
Ripples traverse the lake as ducks, geese and many other migrants go about their business, preening, strutting and perhaps searching for that elusive mate to start the cycle again.

The mist rolls in a the sun goes down. A magical sight.

The mist rolls in as the sun goes down. A magical sight.

The days may be shortening and nature preparing for what is to come but this is nonetheless a time to take time and enjoy the autumn spectacle before the long winter slumber. Emerging toadstools and mushrooms, distinctive calls of the Jay, Jackdaw, Woodpecker, Kingfisher and gathering geese in formation overhead. All are frequent sights as I go about my day preparing for adventurous souls who, like me enjoy natures majesty in all it’s forms.

Natures jewels

Natures jewels

I’m thinking I’m glad to be part of Octavia Hill’s 1884 dream and that there are still places like The Vyne. Spaces to reflect on life and to enjoy the simple things away from our all too busy 24/7 world.

Why not take time to stop and stare too.

Did you know you can enjoy this beautiful place 363 days a year? Well, you can and it beats being sat in front of that box on the other side of the room. Discover a day out at The Vyne.

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  1. Alan Parfitt Garden Guide permalink
    November 30, 2014 12:04 am

    Thanks Geoff.
    What a lovely evocation of autumn at The Vyne. As I read it, I drift into another world of calm & beauty, autumn colours and mists and the year winding down into winter.
    Even on those greyer, damp days when few visitors call and fewer still want a Garden Tour in the rain,, I still walk the gardens and feel The Vyne snuggling down under the clouds in it’s own aura of peace and beauty.

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