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Majestic Mute Swans

May 15, 2014

Author: James Meikle

One of the biggest and probably the most graceful of British birds, Mute Swans bred on the ornamental lake in 2012, but did not do so in 2013, making only brief visits during the year. In early 2014 they have continued to visit the lake, only to leave again. It remains to be seen whether a pair will stay to breed but a new family of swans and cygnets would be a welcome sight.

Mute Swan

Mute Swan © James Meikle

Mute Swans have inspired both music and poetry, partly because of their grace but also because the attachment to their mate is life-long which for swans, can be more than 20 years. Discover more about our wildlife around the estate via: Wildlife Stories

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