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There be dragons here..

May 7, 2013

Over the course of the last few months The Vyne estate has been a hive of activity both inside the house with our Ring exhibition and outside in the gardens with the construction and opening of the ‘Hidden Realm‘ children’s play area. This corner of the gardens was once a forgotten and unloved area little used over recent years and is now transformed into an adventure area for young imaginations to explore.

Recently a young and talented artist and basket weaver (Tim Johnson) from the Isle of Wight has weaved his magic with hazel and wood and brought forth a mighty beast. For those young at heart and brave there awaits at the entrance to our gardens a dragon for you to slay and play within to your hearts content upon your visit to this tranquil corner of Hampshire. He’s quite a friendly chap really, though he has been known to devour a little one now and again…

Experience the inside of a dragon on your next visit!

Experience the inside of a dragon on your next visit!

Did  you know that dragons in mythology date back in some cultures to the fifth century BC and generally  Chinese dragons don’t have wings whereas European dragons do.

Our dragon being a mere youngster has not yet gained his wings but in time, who knows..

Our watchful dragon

Our ever watchful dragon guards the entrance to adventures beyond.

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