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West Garden developments

November 8, 2012

Graham Stuart Thomas

Based on plans from Graham Stuart Thomas around 1960, the West garden has been carefully developed and maintained over the last 10 years to ensure it has remained faithful to the original vision. The full and varied herbaceous borders provide colour and interest throughout the summer season between mid May and sometimes well into October. Over a year ago now the rose borders leading to the Stone Gallery entrance to the house were renovated with new stock of Gruss an Aachen a floribunda rose with an “Old Garden Rose” form bred by Philipp Geduldig 1909. This is a hardy, shade tolerant variety and has since it’s introduction into our garden performed pleasingly well, providing a delicate and very fragrant pink bloom.

Gruss an Aachen roses

Over the coming weeks the gardening team will be busy adding a new central border to the lawn on the right of the Stone gallery entrance and renovating the existing square lavender border to the left of the entrance.

West garden before the creation of the new spring borders.

These will both be planted with Tulips [Daydream]  to provide interest during the spring period and additionally add colour and form to support our traditional herbaceous borders.

Work begins

Work begins with turf lifted to facilitate our new spring border for 2013

The weather gods have been keen to help us on our way, providing copious amounts of water which mixes well with our somewhat clay bound soil. This stuff as any keen gardener will attest to sticks to tools and boots like glue and thus makes the project that much easier!! Over the next few days the area will be double dug and organic matter introduced to break up the clay with the view to creating a more open structured soil in readiness for our new acquisitions the tulips.

Come April 2013 these borders will be ablaze with delicate orange blooms framed by the green lawns. We hope you enjoy them.

Tulip [Daydream]

The completed Tulip borders await the arrival of spring 2013


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