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Gardening tip: Shrub roses – summer pruning

August 26, 2012

Rosa Mundi. A profuse and wonderfully perfumed shrub rose suitable for any garden.

Between July and August is a good time to deal with the task of summer pruning of shrub roses such as Gallica – [Rosa Mundi] and English [Gertrude Jykyll]. These are two very commonly encountered roses within many english gardens, both possessing wonderfully fragrant blooms throughout late spring and summer.

The objective here is to groom and shape the plant while encouraging strong and healthy repeated or extended flowering.

  1. Remove any dead or diseased stems.
  2. Remove dead heads or buds that have failed to bloom sometimes due to damp weather.
  3. With a sharp and clean pair of secateurs cut this years growth to within 3 healthy leaves of last years old wood. Around a thumbs length.
  4. Ensure the cut is 1/4 of an inch above this set of leaves and at 45 degrees.
  5. Be sure to cut stems back to wood that is strong enough to support new blooms.

Dead-heading prevents the forming of hips and seeds and thus encourages the plant to put more energy into fresh buds and flowers.

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